Comment on The Five Steps to Mysticism

Wildcat Wed, May 21, 2008
Seekers seek the truth (the absolute, the light, the divine, take your pick)
Mature seekers know that truth as such is an oxymoron
Those that went beyond that, realize that truth is self created and collectively shared.
We are vast multidimensional machines to which enlightenment is but a small subset of all possible (and possibly desirable) mind states.
Moreover the mystical enlightenment is but a small subset of the set of all possible mind sates described as enlightenment (think computational enlightenment, the mind cornucopia and the like).
Finally, our minds are capable of self-metamorphosis, the particular dimension and manner used to self evolve is utterly insignificant as long as the total information content and capability of that particular mind is integrated into a higher whole.

Now, what’s a higher whole?