Comment on Bataille's Eroticism Explained

vis Thu, May 29, 2008
Well stated. But I have a question, are there times when removing one's clothing has no intent of the erotic? I'm not speaking of taking a shower or sleeping in the nude, but when one of my models disrobes for a photo shoot. To some VIEWERS (of my photographs) their interpretation is that there is some aspect of the erotic. Since most comments along these lines have come from americans, they interpret any nudity other than personal hygiene as having at the very least some aspect of sexuality/eroticism. Americans seem fixated on sex, they deny their sexuality but are one of the biggest consumers of porn. They see everything in sexual terms when nudity is involved. You would be surprised how often I'm asked if I had some sexual liaison with one of my models.

I taught a college course in Erotic Art and literature at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. It was a popular class and we dealt with the erotic from early man to the present. Although early depictions of erotic imagery in caves had a much different intent than today's eroticism.

Thanks for this very well written piece on George Bataille.