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    From remon's personal cargo

    Upcoming game: Spore
    Spore is the evolution of Will Wright’s Sim series. Spore will be a Sim-everything. You will be able to create and evolve a creature from the cells up. You’ll control and evolve your creature as he mophs from a single-celled organism until his species is conquering the galaxy.

    Will describes the game as a massively single-player game: while the gameplay is all single player, the content in your world is asychronously pulled from other user’s machines. This means that everything you see in the game is actually created by other players.

    While playing Spore, you will go through six different stages of gameplay that dictacte your specific goals for the stage of game you’re playing. Throughout these stages, you will use associated editor to create the content you see in the game. The gaming engine will use procedural generation to bring life into the creatures and objects you create.

    Planet hopping

    Will Wright and Brian Eno - Spore Creature Demo

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