Comment on SpaceCollective’s first steps

sightbyvision Sat, Jan 5, 2008
Reading the post and the first four comments ignites within me that tingly sensation of inspiration, wonder, and bewilderment.
I feel I can connect on so many levels with just the five of you, and this is the first post I've ever read on the site. Compared to other communities, it has taken months to find a post of such substance.
I first read about the Singularity a few years ago in high school, and I've since asked around about it, but no one ever says "Oh yea, I know what that is!" So it's good to finally hear about it from someplace else than websites devoted to the topic.

I totally agree with you Zukzuk that this place has amazing content, and the shell—the medium—is an online community! How amazing indeed.

And Zombine, how right your are. Apathy is the enemy. In our democracy, which hinges on people actually caring enough to vote, voter turnout is declining. Voter turnout has recently been around 50%. What does it mean when the majority of people in a democracy don't vote? And this is just an example of the larger problem that people don't care. Like you said, the future will only be amazing if people care about it.

AttomLittle, I'm am definitely intimidated by this, but your post encouraged me to write this, so thank you.

Lateralis, this project is a breath of fresh air, as was your post. You're dead on in saying we are by no means above others. But there's definitely something that sets us apart, and I have only ever recognized it just as you described, "...I've always felt different from friends and people I've met in the world..." Reading that was eerie, but refreshing.

I'm so excited for this project and this community. So excited I don't even know what to do... I'm overwhelmed with the potential here. So great, we've found all these like-minded individuals, but what does that mean when my feet hit the floor in the morning? How does this change our daily behavior? What should we be doing?

And I guess the great thing about this shell is that it is a community, and this means that I'm not just sending notes in a bottle out to the æther. No, there are real people here who can give real answers. We're not alone on this. We're a collective.