Comment on SpaceCollective’s first steps

Rourke Mon, Jan 7, 2008
I must echo the thoughts of fellow commentors, it has thus far been nothing but a pleasure to take part in Space Collective. This is not the first time I have come across a communal attempt to debate and examine the interests of 'singularity' thinking, but it is the first time I have come across such philosophically grounded explorations of the subject.

Human thought is most definitely on the brink of a profound evolution, but to consider its change in a philosophical vacuum is to naively examine the human condition from our present perspective alone. Utopian thinking (and The Singularity is most definitely a utopian ideal) has taken place throughout history and has most often focussed on the issues of the human condition which tended (in retrospect) to stay in stasis. In contrast, the technological aspects of utopian theory tended to strike well short of the mark i.e. they were not profound enough in their imaginings.

What lies ahead of us is change the like of which we have no chance of comprehending. Space Collective appears finely aware of those aspects of human caprice which bear most strongly on the capacities of our collective dreams. If this community is to make a mark it is in reconstructing each other's consciousnesses from the philosophical bedrock of idealism. If humanity is to collectively alter the nature of reality we need to better understand the reality we already subsist in.

Space Collective chatter has already begun to recode my perceptions.