Comment on SpaceCollective’s first steps

kurt Mon, Jan 7, 2008
Like others here reading and talking about the singularity as well as Spacecollective itself, I share this "tingly" feeling of excitement. The level of discourse impresses. Just to visit and read this site is to seemingly watch and to take part in the future NOW.

It seems that when truly significant leaps happen in the evolution of our species and civilization, few notice. I like so very much the sense that spacecollective allows visitors and contributors the opportunity to not only see the change as it is taking place but to help shape the change itself or at least the perception of change and in this coming world is not perception more and more the true instrument of change?

I think what amazes me most about this site is that my mind seems to be unbounded here. As though evolution is not something that happens necessarily over time but in the blink of an eye. I hope that in this space I can continue to share with other like-minded individuals and become part of the unbounded global collective that spacecollective seems to represent. I think that this is a very powerful thing indeed, if not essential, for the future of human beings on this planet as we know it.