Comment on SpaceCollective’s first steps

Wildcat Wed, Jan 9, 2008
After a number of weeks of participating in, and sharing with, observing and interacting in the midst of a remarkable group of humans, trading in insights, trafficking in ideas but most importantly, dealing in the market place of forthcoming interesting things, I am now under the impression that space collective has an inherent value in its endeavor.
The existential intuition, which has brought the life of space collective into being, is overwhelmingly positive and inspiring.
Though in its infancy, already a glimpse into a possible future of mutually supporting, reciprocally interacting minds is visible, hence the true arisal of a potential collective is positively viable.
As I see it the main positives are to be found in the fluidity of intelligence and the poetic intellect, awakening and bringing to attention aspects of reality that may otherwise be neglected in the mass of dull information abounding around us.
En passant, I wish to praise the aesthetics and care invested in creating and maintaining SC.

So, at present, this is just a short note of appreciation and encouragement.
Thank you