Comment on SpaceCollective learns to walk

Wed, Mar 19, 2008
I vote that you open-source this site.

Fun fact: My first 5 posts on this site were written while I was in a small city called Talca in Chile where I was visiting family, in a sorta empty lot where a couple of territorial and feral dogs wanted to tear me apart (Eventually they'd screw off but then come back so we'd take turns), inside a burnt-out and crumbling abandoned building, because I could get a good wifi signal there. There wasn't really anything better for me to do with my time besides trying to converse with my family between a language barrier and/or getting drunk off of the ridiculously tasty and cheap liquor known as pisco (PS I don't drink much at all these days, it's an overrated substance for sure, so no worries about me being an alcoholic, k folks?). Back here in Canada, I'm busy trying to find work and chilling out with friends and that sort of stuff, but yeah, I am wasting a lot of time in between and during, so I'll definitely make a goal of living with way less dead time. It's starting to fuck with me if not the entire western world, and this post helped me realize that a bit further.