Comment on SpaceCollective learns to walk

monolith Sat, Apr 5, 2008
OK people - first a little reality slap: What do you want more? Theres been a TON of great posts, sure a lot of people fired their best ideas at start but a lot of people probably just can't find the time to write in this idiotic tempo we're all living in! And I'm sure a lot of us have families as myself and yearn to spend a little time left with them. Which brings me to my topic: time will tell. Don't worry about posts getting buried below the junk, in a year or two a new member will come along and point us towards some thinking streams we have forgotten. I'm just saying that this is my first post in a month or two and I haven't even come to the topics I want your help with, the AI to start with (my personal preoccupation). dmitridb, man, I love your posts being so huge but I even have trouble reading English for god's sake let alone writing it! People, you have started this "brain trust" less than a year ago and what you expect in such short time? Cure for cancer?