sjef Sun, Mar 23, 2008
"all the world’s books gathered in the digital domain will take up no more than 26 terabyes of disc space"

Where is this figure from? It's way too low. The Library of Congress is estimated at 20TB and that's just the books stored as raw text. To fairly say that a book is stored digitally it should at least retain its layout, typesetting, images etc.
The point is kind of moot of course seeing as no matter how much disc space it will actually take we will be able to produce it at some point in the future with the same ease as 26TB now.

I certainly hope that the effort will be made at some stage to preserve as many books as possible in a digital format as true to the original as possible from which hybrid, interactive forms can then be derived. It would be a shame if their content was lost, as between the musty, institutionalized ideas I'm sure there are some that are worth dusting off and airing out again.

Maybe they'll just live on in the lore of the homeless...