Comment on SC (the emergence of)

rene Sat, Nov 8, 2008
I completely agree. The irony is that here at SpaceCollective we are very active as doers and makers, working in different media and on several projects at once, ranging from writing and lectures to art and design and making movies. All of these media are perfectly capable to effect influence on some level or another, as is SC itself with its exceptional thinkers and a million unique visitors since its inception. Still, like yourself, we are wondering on a regular basis how to make the theoretical activities on this site more actionable. Right now I'm pretty fond of the concept of curriculum creation and there are many other ideas floating around to establish an effective connection with the world at large. We are even making a scifi documentary related to SpaceCollective we'll soon announce more about. Yet at the same time I've come to terms with the conceptual nature of some of the great projects here which have a very real function that happens to be best served in the form of written articles which are theoretical by virtue of their speculative nature. Most future-directed projects emerge from different ideas such as the ones that are articulated here, which congeal over time, hinting at their ultimate outcome far before we can even guess at a timeline for their realization, leave alone public recognition. The truth is that one is a futurist at one’s own peril. No matter how often we refer to the accelerated evolution inferred by phenomena like the Singularity etc, the amount of lag time even the most critically important ideas are faced with in this society never ceases to amaze. Often the best ideas have to be willed into existence by nudging things along until they establish some kind of critical mass, and in that respect we can play a proactive role, just by continuing to promote ideas like Wildcat’s Polytopia, AlanSmith’s Ecommony, First Dark’s language project, Spaceweaver’s Immortality thread, etc. Or try out whatever other ideas might fly in this finely calibrated community that keeps us tuned to the zeitgeist.