Comment on Beyond the speed of thought

gamma Mon, Dec 15, 2008
That's a great post, written with high standard of language quality. I'd still comment on few things to which I view differently.

The first part of the post was informative. However, when reading further I come to few critical statements...

Somehow the words keep coming out of our mouth (or word processor) trying to catch up to the speed of thought while the stream of consciousness moves its argument forwards as if it had been preconceived.

I perceive it differently since I place that observation into a different context. I don't wonder about it, I use it as my right. I throw my words and they grow up, they are a seed of divine code and a reason for sensational incidents. I see no problem there.

“we are in dire need of a new kind of language, a language that may be able to bridge the immensity of the gap we have created between the perception of the world and the manner by which we describe the same world.”

I disagree to this too because someone who is in need of a better language is currently crying instead of talking which is natural thing for a baby, and I might add for the rest of us too. So that's where I want to place and sort the quoted sentence. To be able to talk takes work work work on the language which given by nature's laws will stick close to being simple, close to the rudimentary in a sense of energetic and informational efficiency and inner workings of the mind. Any further improvements happen here and there every day by - work work work and sometimes forgetting, being excited and by a process of being a teenager.

Most important thing is to have something to say. I think its liberal that you can start yelling out that and we will listen.

language is revealed through text as the mode of our conscious experience – a truth which furthermore transforms the very capacities of the thoughts which think it

I find that the language and form are correlated guides to one another, present fundamentally in the inscribed neural pathways. They are glued together and become imperceptible, adaptable and intelligent way of guiding the human character. The plasticity of neural pathways is miraculous and allows dissolving the solid guides that glue together terms and things. That phenomenon is serving endless surprises and liberation for the perception which leads mind to become aware of the neural streaming signal as a purely mathematical noise.

Lately, I’ve been doing a little exercise, trying to imagine some actual experiences if the brain were to seamlessly interface with machine intelligence.

All experiences possible and impossible, memories and dreams should be trained to maniphest in the mind. I can't believe how rarely anyone suggests that. In addition to the work on silence it seems that my message calls for more - work work work. :-)

Japanese experiment, transmitting and receiving each other’s personal profiles, alerting them to the presence of compatible others

I'm going to Japan. They're all Japanese but hey, kewl.

As our minds will attain the non-linear associative powers that will do away with the static mold of analog information we will finally break through the speed barrier of thought

I disagree. I was like that, offering everyone a non-linear candy. In time I learned more math or something and I don't believe it is true. Non linear nature of mind allows for dedicated focus (using the majority of mind's content) on certain affair. In fact, non-linear mind is capable of dealing with aspects of the chaotic world despite the chaos due to that focus of attention. With such mechanism we hear higher harmonics of music, feel natural ordering, recognize meaning and patterns become objects of reality.

I think that in all topics there is a fundamental need to talk concretely about what are the possibilities or how something is done. Mostly any experience is not current. There must be a distribution of experiences per sensory input per time. Some are more current, others are memories as old as few seconds. The solution is to associate the regions of the body and mind and qualify them with the distance in time.