Comment on SC: Return of the Renaissance Man

rene Wed, Apr 22, 2009
Always good to get your input Meika. However, being a polymath is also a very good survival strategy in a world where almost everyone has several careers and having just one profession is rapidly becoming a liability. As computer programs are seriously challenging people's traditional ideas about craft and specialization, cross-disciplinary thinking has become more important than ever. Like the web, a Montessori education is an invitation for people to become generalists. Just to be sure, it's important to realize that besides early childhood education the Montessori system extends to high school education as well.

But I do agree that a lot goes back to childcare. What's so surprising is that the simplest interventions can have world-transforming impact. For example, Friedrich Froebel's method that preceded Montessori, based itself around educational games and a set of wooden blocks influenced effected the early childhod of architects Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as painters Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian and George Braque. Now think about their work and contemplate for a moment how relatively easy it appears to be to profoundly change the world.