Comment on Retroactive Manifestos

Olena Thu, Aug 27, 2009
As a NY apartment-dweller, I couldn't agree more with these sentiments from your comments:

"We are outrageously robbed of our humanity by defiling dictates and criminally forced not to make any changes or additions to fa├žades, the layout or interiors, either in colour, structure, or masonry."

The Hundertwasser quote ("...So that it will be visible from afar to everyone in the street that someone lives there who is different from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardised man who lives next door.") is especially beautiful.

I've often had the thought, while walking around in the city, that from early childhood we're taught not to touch anything - and so we don't. It's our city, isn't it? Our world? But it's criminal to "deface" it. Like, "Child don't color on the walls." Because that's offensive to someone's standardized preference for a clean white? And how is that more criminal than all the polluting we do? And personally I would rather look at someone's creative, personal, legal-copy-less vision on my street than have ugly advertisements thrust into my view at all times.

But never mind even coloring, or graffiti, or even changing the environment; getting back to just touching anything - even if not literally (ok, it is dirty). I just mean the idea of treating it as your own world instead of feeling like you're just being transported through your environment on a conveyor belt, as an unengaged viewer.

Wouldn't it be lovely to "make yourself at home"? Wouldn't that inspire creativity?

P.S. I really enjoyed reading this post & actually learning something new. Especially, the "scenius" concept - something to think about. Thanks.