Comment on Tinkering till the end of time

shiftctrlesc Wed, Mar 17, 2010
“The vulnerability of the connected mindset”
I like that lot.

Reversal seems to be an inevitability in everything we do.
Pushed to its limit the flow of cars becomes a traffic jam.
The high of a drug becomes the low of addiction.
The utopian dream of the connective becomes ....

But we’re not there yet
The real vulnerability right now
lies in a dying, centralized, bureaucratic culture
that’s hellbent on crippling the emerging connective.

Digital Destiny: New Media and the Future of Democracy
by Jeff Chester is essential reading. It gives a detailed map of the political and corporate forces that have been conspiring for decades to turn the internet into glorified cable tv.

And while there are countless big, life changing issues
bearing down on us right now
... from wars to bank swindles to climate change and a global economic crisis ...
there is a real urgency to protecting the shape of the internet.