Comment on Accelerating the Future into Being

Olena Fri, Jul 16, 2010
After reading more about the method, I guess you're right... it's not really for adults. But, this
why would an institution give us a diploma solely on the basis of trusting that we attained the necessary knowledge and skill on our own under the basic guidance of some professors?
sounds more like graduate school. Or what I've experienced in art school; it's really up to the individual to take advantage of what's offered... it's great the Montessori does this for children, since that's more true to "real life".

Why do you think it's impossible for our society... even in the future?
Many people are speaking of oncoming changes; maybe this is also one that needs to happen?
This is something I wish I had as a child, but since I can't go back, I guess the next best thing would be to try to give it to others, somehow.