Comment on Accelerating the Future into Being

Infinitas Fri, Jul 16, 2010
Ah very true. I'm hardly an art student so that's certainly something that I clearly overlooked. As for graduate school, I agree and disagree. This Lyons woman didn't need a formal academic degree to study how radio waves affected trees.
Why do you think it's impossible for our society... even in the future?

Maybe I should have clarified my opinion a little better... Not for society in general, but for our society's current higher educational system. With more and more information becoming more easily accessible, people are embracing that Montessori-type of learning on their own. I see this as a growing trend. Also, some research has shown that young people (including myself) are finding it extremely difficult to find job opportunities after completing undergraduate training and also in many cases, graduate training. So I think that this, further reinforced by the worsening economy, is going to cause a decrease in college enrollment in the long run. People are going to rely on a growing status quo of attaining knowledge and skill on their own accord because paying tens of thousands of dollars for "real education" is not worth it. It's like natural selection will be taking back control. I see this as a good oncoming change, in a way, forcing people to empower themselves. Perhaps it will help decrease the educational gap in most of the world?