Comment on Accelerating the Future into Being

Fri, Jul 30, 2010
Weren't we discussing at length the idea of starting some sort of alternative education system at some point here? Whatever happened to that discussion?

I've been digging  lately. It makes a lot more sense to be able to navigate through a lecture than it does watching a real one. His vision of the future of free internet-enabled education is really awesome, I just think that his vision's infrastructure could use some aesthetic improvements for it to become more enticing and engaging. He wants to make it a registered school in a bunch of different countries!

I wonder if his idea could be extended to something similar, but where anyone can conduct lessons - I'm thinking something like a browser-based deal where people can record their own lectures in his style, and then have them peer-reviewed, voted up-down, community moderated etc... Something like that could produce some wonderful content.