Comment on On Innovation and Electronic Music

sonicport+techfolder Tue, Oct 12, 2010
Take a look at
Especially significant is the fact this music is designed to outlast our current technology. Building a survival instinct into a piece of music is just as relevant to digital work as it was hundreds of years ago, if not thousands as we instinctively value survival.

If you need different synth to try, check out Paul Miller's TX modular and let me know what you think of it. I have been beta testing it and have suggested some improvements based on physical needs I have reached. There are more changes to come, I have found the project really exciting. I have found that suddenly music is boring, design has become my music. You can hear the design in the music. You can find the links on my website.

So indeed a software patch which can be reproduced has a better chance of survival than a hardware unit, but it's lifetime is threatened by future format changes and ageing tools.

Self identifying such as your example 'I am the new John Cage' may not be enough to insure survival of music any longer, but electronic music's ability to survive still uses parasitical sampling techniques which can insure it's survival for the lifespan of 'electronic' music, solving the purpose of its existence. This will last as long as our current technology persists.