Comment on On Innovation and Electronic Music

jo be Thu, Oct 14, 2010
There is always a strange lingering pride that effects how people strive to accomplish tasks. In the most abstract sense, I agree with ye olde work ethic, but I find it rather silly to not use the tools we have available to transcend the tasks that had occupied a former generation to take on new ones.

Calculators for math is an obvious example—but digital music is another good one. I think the strain may be a social one—to impress people, to show excellence, their must be a common domain of appreciation. A lot of people do not understand, yet, the higher complexities people are and could more easily engage in if they used automation and the tools available rather than exhume brain power.

In a sense the internet has created the ability to form communities that en-womb the most ambitious (and the most insane) intentions because people can communicate outside the limitations of physical space and time.

Aesthetics are fluid, opinionated, and for an artist in the creative process, have a very limited use having discussions about, because creation is a forward motion to produce a form and discussion is the circular motion comparing form. As much as the internet can incubate, it can also dissuade with its noise.

I would go as far to say as innovation is not so much a process that can be intended in and of itself, but it is of consequence of surrendering ones self to a sincere intention. All the tools available to us now will never help the artist, designer, or creator express what it is they need or want. I believe that will always be the first step, to bring a clear mind to the creative process and to explore the space with fresh eyes.