Comment on On Innovation and Electronic Music

sonicport+techfolder Thu, Oct 21, 2010
Nicely put Jo be,

I also feel that traditional Aesthetics may be largely constructed above the emotion of acceptance, and that a cool mind is the best way to migrate around this anchor, and lengthen the rope.

I have found that the word acceptance fits snugly into any receptor in my life also making it hard to pinpoint what is really happening there as it is a common factor.

The seating plan is thrown wide open with creative freedom though there is still a mechanic: do we use it, or do we use it for something else.

There is a fine line between designing a 'robust' piece of work and building in 'self-distructive' architecture, either that or some form of dormancy ethic maybe? I prefer the anti-art movement when regarding self, it can use satire, self-destruction, ridicule, piracy and am sure there is also an anti-science movement too (like bio-punks? hope I don't offend anyone!) sometimes for people who accept they no nothing about the architecture of cell nutrients in detail but are willing to give it a shot, change reality.

I think in whatever we do, we choose a frequency in which to live by at an early stage in our growth.

On digital music- I never want to hear another drum machine ever again, Please someone! When will they become obsolete?