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    I Came From Stars

    I woke up sweating. I could see my room but my hearing was gone.
    Only a high-pitch, buzzing sound could be heard. I thought my
    lamps, windows and walls were on the verge of collapsing. So I squeezed
    my eyes, rubbed my head and told myself, "You're still dreaming. Just wake up."

    I opened my eyes again and listened. The pitch was still there and
    still on the verge of destroying everything around me. I got out of
    bed but suddenly I began falling. The force of the fall blinded my eyes.
    I couldn't breath through my nose so I used my mouth. The buzzing now
    became a million winds crashing into my ears.

    I fell for a long time. Flames began to appear at my feet. They grew past
    my legs and surrounded my hands. My whole body became the color of
    well burnt charcoal. There was no pain. I just told myself to remember,
    "You were once a burning star."

    Seriously...I don't know why I dreamed I was a comet but I did. My body landed
    somewhere in Denmark as I recall. Pieces of me were discovered and analyzed
    like these comet particles that struck the Stardust Spacecraft.

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