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    Man's Light
    I sat in the window seat of a jumbo jet as Chicago, Illinois accepted darkness. As we lifted off, I noticed the lights lining the runway. We began to rise. Lights were speckled across vast amounts of concrete. We rose higher; we moved east. A sparkling multitude of green, red, blue, white, yellow, covered the airport ground. We rose higher, and as we rose, the effect of the lights amplified one-hundred fold. Night time Chicago revealed itself with full force, as the deep engine of the plane strived with all its might to match the power of the visual spectacle. Intense golden pockets formed fierce lines, a massive downtown towered magnificently as it burned like magnesium. If you looked up and across, it was as if a god had sprinkled glitter across this tender surface.

    Such a magnificent explosion of man-made stars, all of these lights, because one man, in his brilliance and curiosity, pushed with immense mental might to perfect a little treasure. And now it is dabbed here and there on the canvas of the earth, waiting for someone to come close and enjoy it. In a way, we weren't supposed to have it. It is an imprint of modern man. All in a flash of time.

    Who will be the next to revolutionize our existence with a swift hand?

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