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    A meditative immersion, to get to know the Earth and the Sun
    Soak it up. This ball you sit on, called Earth, is huge. It is monstrous. Truly feel it. Let its enormity run through your veins and smother your brain. Feel it lying beneath you. It is unrelentingly, massively, frighteningly gigantic. It is bigger than any other object you've ever dealt with hand to hand. It shows us no mercy as we are pulled in by its force. A few escape every once in a while, but they love it so much that they come back anyways. Everyone lives on it. Everyone. Everything lays on it. All oceans and land masses lie on it. All that water runs deep and floods it. Close your eyes and fly over the surface of it. It's so big. Imagine you're on a plane looking out over the Atlantic. There's so much water below you. So much, running so far in every direction and miles below as well. And below that, more layers of rock than you could ever imagine. And somewhere, way below all of that, some fiery core. Now you're flying over land mass. All that rock and surface, all of it is on this huge planet Earth. Feel its might and size. As you fly over it, you realize that it's suspended in this vast blackness called space. This Earth that spins below you is actually floating in something else.

    Look at that. That's a sliver of a sliver of the edge of Earth. As you look at it, imagine it extending. Imagine how big it has to be as it extends to become the entire Earth sitting below you. Our Earth is unfathomably large. As you feel it sit underneath you, imagine how close you are to it, how close you've always been to it. You've always been this close to it. It's right there and so big, so obnoxiously big.

    Now bring yourself out there. Complete shock. That enormous ball you felt under you is distant. You are completely alone and it is far, that huge ball. That object that was bigger than anything you'd EVER dealt with, and you're actually looking at it now. You're looking at our very precious Earth from millions of miles away.

    Now come back to your seat in the plane. Remember how enormously huge Earth was below you? My goodness, my mind might burst feeling how large this object beneath me is.,_Earth_size_comparison_labeled.jpg

    Now feel the size of that Sun. It's unfathomable. Our Earth is a dwarf, a speck compared to that. It could fit a thousand times into that. This enormous Earth is a speck of dust compared to the Sun. How big is the Sun? It's scary to think. Imagine if you were flying closer and closer to it, near Mercury and even past. Its size is mind-numbing, sickening. It extends in every direction, almost completely blocking your view of anything else. And you're still millions of miles from that inferno surface. We have the privilege of every day being able to see that ferocious, sickeningly powerful fusion beast as it explodes and glows in our sky. From 93 million miles, it heats our entire surface enough to produce life. It causes 110 degree scorchers, from that far. It can kill a man from 93 million miles away. And it's that much bigger than the massive rock we sit on right now. And even it's a petty little thing compared to other formations in the universe.

    You're just a human.

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    I really enjoyed this post. Wanted to give a heads up: you can embed images in your posts (and comment). Just click "choose file" under the entry box and upload any image from your harddrive.