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    mice are our friends
    Scientists have succeeded in reprogramming ordinary cells from the tips of mouse tails and rewinding their developmental clocks so they are virtually indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells, according to studies released today.

    If the discovery applies to human cells — and researchers are optimistic that it will — it would offer a straightforward method for creating a limitless supply of cell lines tailor-made for patients without any ethical strings attached.

    Three research groups said they accomplished their feat by activating four genes that are turned on in days-old embryos. Some of the rejuvenated cells grew into new mice, demonstrating the cells' ability to create every type of tissue in the body.

    read it here before this link expires

    Wed, Jun 6, 2007  Permanent link

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    folkert     Wed, Jun 6, 2007  Permanent link
    Mice definitely are more than they seem.
    ...that computer was called Earth and was so big that it was often mistaken for a planet. The researchers themselves took the apparent form of mice to run the program. The question was lost, five minutes before it was to have been produced, due to the Vogons' demolition of the Earth, supposedly to build a hyperspace bypass