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    Virtual technology has allowed the creation of new social and commercial worlds existing in virtual space. Physical architecture needs to embrace the technology of the new world and break from its traditional static performance systems. This thesis challenges architecture to take control of the virtual experience by creating a dynamic system which allows user-generated space configurations.
    The virtual world as we know it exists on a screen. The physical environment best suited for the virtual space is that of a fully immersive virtual environment. This essentially reduces the building envelope to a near personal-size room.The need for physical interaction and various scales of program required these immersive environments to move and connect.
    An early exploration of the thesis, entitled GRID[city], is an independent entity for user-generated clustering of virtually immersive environments. Its function is dictated by the function of the virtual world of which its users are experiencing. The grid provides a logical organization of dynamic congurations.
    A motherboard is a surface that transfers electric pulses within a system nodes. In this motherboard, the surface is hundreds of feet above the street of a downtown core, the electric pulses transfer people in virtually immersive environments, and the nodes are existing buildings of various programs. The nodes of existing buildings provide entry/exit points and permanent static spaces. The surface between the nodes allows dynamic user-generated clusters of virtually immersive environments and transportation throughout the motherboard. The existing building nodes are selected to encompass a full range of programatic activity to provide a new experience of an existing city.
    The images show this thesis deployed in downtown Los Angeles.

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