Comment on creating meaningful things online

Jorgen Tue, May 10, 2011
Great topic, and the contrast between the last two images is awesome. There are a few things that I would like to throw in to the mix.

A branding person once told me that you can't build a brand until it's something that people can hold in their hands. That makes sense to me; think about this: how would seeing a Facebook truck drive down the street or going to the Google I/O conference change your perception of what either of those brands means to you? vs interacting with those brands online.

The world of “online” has a fixed resolution of no better than 1080p. The universe, for all we know (I think,) is fractal in nature, which is to say that its resolution is infinite.

Any online experience has been designed and created by a human within the past decade, apposed to over billions of years by the universe or god, depending on your views. When I say that, I am comparing the stone vs computer parts or the computer engineer vs the stonemason from the photos in the article.

Isn’t the “online” already meaningful? What would happen if it were gone tomorrow? Haven’t people named their child “Facebook” as a result of Cairo?

To create meaningful things online, we need to give people a way to see meaning in our creations. In general, we need to change the way people think about the online space.