Comment on Plural Thinking

sonicport+techfolder Wed, Oct 20, 2010
Thanks, I need to learn to publish more clearly on here for sure, I see what you mean.

At the moment mind control technology is quite primitive. It works by reading electrostatic from your brain over several sensors in the headset. A complex algorithm allows it to learn the signature of your brain. If you teach it the command left and the command right you can move your position in a digital reality left and right for example. If I were to think Left and Right together I'd need to teach the software to learn a new command, (left+right). I guess it is impossible for my physical body to go left and right at the same time, excluding the relationship between my body and the shape of the Universe. I find this interesting that technology could expand this cognitive repertoire for me. Obviously when using our limbs we can manipulate things in diverse combinations regarding spacial awareness.

I'd like to aim to control independent poly-directions on the X,Y,Z axis along a trajectory, then adding other Axes to the nth

in a digital reality a thick blue line moves east accelerating on the x axis, a thin red line moving west slower while the same line also goes up (north) along the y axis, at the same time in my physical reality, my body is running around in the streets at random. (to build fitness into the project) X,Y, and Z being relative to my personal viewpoint. The next challenge would be to change speed, intensity, energy, direction within this context in a digital space. I have no idea what this could be useful for sans brain training.

I wonder if the human brain is able to improve with these challenges.