Comment on Plural Thinking

BenRayfield Thu, Nov 4, 2010
Music works best with analog inputs. If you categorize things into X or Y but not both at the same time, then the music will not sound good. Gestures and music don't go well together unless the gestures are defined gradually between the other gestures.

If you learn what bayesian networks are, you could use a similar software design to make the music work with varying amounts of X and Y together, whatever X and Y are.

I can use lots of strange music controllers, like kites, but the most important thing I need is a connection between Human psychology and bayesian thinking, like to measure or cause how much a person is thinking about moving left and right at the same time, 2 things that would normally never be thought together. The music controllers would be a user-interface to do that more effectively.

Where to begin? The links above are what I've been designing for years, and I'm only starting to add the parts I've written about here to the main system. You could wait possibly some more years for me to finish those parts, or you could build those parts into your system and we could connect it that way, or both. Its not a lot of things to do, but it has to be done very accurately and fine-tuned. This has never been done before. You could start by learning what bayesian networks are and why most people get that 2 coin problem wrong that I wrote above. After you understand that you will be closer to knowing how to build a music system where you can think about left and right at the same time, and its also important for the system to be able to cause those thoughts in the musician (the opposite direction of information flow).