Comment on Plural Thinking

sonicport+techfolder Fri, Nov 5, 2010
Some thoughts and connections

Many people are learning the implications of gesture driven projects in the arts at the moment and I believe the gesture module is a nice one, but one of many. An Artificial Inelligence driven module may be new ground. Take a look at  by Ben Rayfield. I have begun to collaborate with Ben at

Software mapping is my learning area of growth at the moment and am thinking about interchangeable mappings, inputs, and outputs to be used in a range of smaller projects. I can think of some artistic implications to an intelligent mapping which allows the software map to fit any stimulus and acts as a sieve so that complexity can be manipulated artfully.

I'd like to see others communicate using this advancement, not necessarily musicians, dancers etc. A friend showed me this open source energy monitor platform;

Here any sensors, in this case environmental, can be absorbed into a network's identity. So we can have bio-feedback using our brains and equally some readings from our environment which we can share.

I hope to go outside into this environment with minimal external hardware to think about and create elements of a language in a real-time digital reality from out there using wifi. I'm looking at the latest dual-core pads for a solution, one that run safely inside a backpack.

I'd like to see a project flourish, this one- I need to invest money into my main project which is called tech:folder kite-ballet team. Kite-ballet is where a number of delta dual line kites perform their choreography with music and it converges into a artful sport. I need to employ a clever engineer to build my design to bridge the kites and the digital reality. The outcome is kites that create digital art down to micro-level detail, to perform on the beach in kite season. I will scientifically categorise the movements of a sport kite performing tricks and use the categories as a musical palette.

"Flying the kites significantly improved my technical ability on the viola in this area, I am able to transfer haptic kite control information through the way I play the viola and back the other way through sound, again "plural thinking" with feedback. The kite project is a significant way of conducting this new research."

I was lucky enough to visit IRCAM Paris this summer for a meeting on the latest update on recording multiple time-coded gestures to a file. I told them about the augmented kite-ballet and they invited me to perform at the NIME 2011 festival for new musical interfaces in Norway. I have to submit a proposal soon but don't have the funds for an electronics engineer at this time. They did give me the chance to test some gesture recognition software and in January I will test a gesture recognition algorithm with the emotiv headset. I hope to employ it to learn my sleeping gestures so I can make sound design in my sleep. I have a meeting with the software designer in January if I can afford the headset at the price that gives me raw data. Raw data is that which gives me the exact electrostatic readings that the sensors provide.