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    Cyborg HotdeskTM and other stories
    Project: Epiphanies
    (Now Called Cyborg HelpDesk)

    Update on this kind of Gratification, Pathos and how it seems to work.

    Client comes up to office desk created at a night club. Client: "So what is this all about then"

    Supervisor: "This is cyborg hot desk, we scan these coloured gnomes all day this is what we do."

    Client: "I really don't understand, what is it?"

    Supervisor: "Well you get to work scanning these 3 coloured gnomes about these special goggles I am wearing in a way you see fit and at the end of your scanning you receive a reward for your work, but first you have to design your own software, here is some stationary, here is a seat, and here is a desk go for it."

    Client gets to work drawing up her bar code software which takes form of a butterfly in several colours using oil pastels.

    Client goes about scanning the 3 luminous gnomes about my headset in a fashion that is the client's way of scanning the barcode software into me using 3 luminous gnomes I purchased at the Argos Summer sale for £4.99. I sit behind my laptop which is running my screensaver, the headset is connected to the laptop but has not been activated, although it can scan for the colours of the gnomes using a combination of different opensource software. (It omits a satisfying blip sound after each gnome has been scanned across one's face.)

    Supervisor has not seen her software work. The system is designed so Supervisor may be a friend of the Client, but this was our first trial, Supervisor was me.

    The client has written the software, and the client has done the work that the software requires them to do, but no computer has been used, except a screensaver of a fridge floating around in space.

    My role is to choose the reward for her, which is in my large audio collection.

    I choose some folk music made by a young female vocalist who sings and plays cello at the same time, about a bay overlooking the sea. The client listens on her headphones.

    Client: "But... This is nothing like me!"

    Supervisor: "I chose this for you!"

    Client Pauses and breaks out into a smile. "Thanks, thanks a lot!"

    Press release 10.08.2011

    Check out this EventThe Good Robot.

    Bookings, to advertise with Cyborg Hotdesk-TM and other enquiries call: 0845 467 9272 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

    03.08.2010- The Futurist monthly

    "Cyborg Hot-Desking is the
    latest enhancement to the sonicport corporate desktopTM. Your Cyborg
    control system is your live-line to valuable customers and is completely
    free and future-proof. Between you and I Cyborgs are the best choice
    for corporate toy on the market, but don't just take my word for it,
    come down to the good robot party at Hendre Hall in October and take her
    for a spin.


    10.08.2011- The real jobcentre lobby
    Jobs in Gwynedd; Part-Time; Below Minimum Wage

    E-mail Print PDF

    We are currently tuning people up to receive cyborg work
    suit upgrades for suitable candidates, this would suit many redundant
    call-centre operatives and customer services enthusiasts as well as
    those willing to learn. That's where the work is! Call in to the good
    robot showroom in October (01.10.2011) and we will test your suitability. Best Regards, the sonicport personnels team.


    Bookings and enquiries call: 0845 467 9272 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm


    Cyborg Hot-Desking wiki- Cybog Hot-Desking is the combination of
    municipal wifi, a fusion of man and machine, with executive control
    which can be subliminal or otherwise(currently the role of control is
    played by a volunteer executive and the role of Cyborg is played by the
    volunteer dogs-body).

    The output from the Cyborg.

    The Cyborg can be used as a public mobile noticeboard and can play
    podcasted audio and advertising within the boundary of the host
    community space.

    The Cyborg can be set tasks within a given time frame and can be
    rewarded for achieving them. Reward currency is audio stimulation
    between data downloads direct to the brain.

    The output from the Hot-Desking exec.

    The hot-desk is just another day in the office. Put your feet up, press a
    few knobs and allow your Cyber-friend to do all your work for you.

    Other news...
    Kite Project Proposal. To be funded 2011.

    Recruit 3 1st year Music Students from Bangor University to learn kite ballet and develop a performance of augmented kite with live exploration of sound design.

    What is Augmented Kite?

    Can there be a link between Kite ballet and playing String Instruments?

    Agenda//Art and health management, Outdoor composition technique, mixed media. Sustainability is key to mobility;

    - during the cuts in 2010 my incapacity benefit has been withdrawn as it is being phased out, I had a tough autumn because of Altos Origin health checks as a result of having no money between October and March, this covered a time of potential change as I won a digital commission at The Scala Theatre Prestatyn, but had no special support for my bi-polar disorder, like I would expect from a normal job. The government health checks and my project went out of phase.

    I will be on target to apply for arts funding as soon as I start writing about how this project is being undertaken, and express my views on what happens to artists under government funded schemes such as Employment and Support Allowance, under the supervision of a Psychiatrist but going against their thinking by fully supplementing my diet with certain super high doses of vitamins that allow me to sleep and to find grounding in mental health.

    I am undertaking this project without a counsellor or any extra support for bi-polar. I have been living in North Wales since 1999 and have been unable to find the right conditions to prosper although my pioneering approach has given me potential energy and focus, it has also been the cause of cuts to my benefits due to false optimism and moments of questions. What do the Government mean by innovation and change, and what is it like to be in a fragile situation and be supported by "progressive" thinking.

    This is now affiliated with New Technology and the Music it Creates. See synapse.
    New Music and the Technology it Creates. (2013)

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