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    New technology and the music it creates

    About half way through Kreidler's lecture he shows a project where he samples 7.5 thousand tunes in 33 seconds and takes the paperwork to court in a van laden with paper, it is quite special.

    So sampling other people's music to 'break new ground in music' is finally legal (in the UK so I hear). What is the next taboo for the underground scene, what rules can be broken in a cool way these days?

    What we need is a secret agreement between 2 hidden minds to have exact opposing agendas that through drifting breezes affect law, mentality and keep us in a constant state of opposition, so that we can base taboos upon them, and get a kick out of breaking those rules, it is a constant energy loop dependent on such fickle principles that could change at any moment, just when you are expecting to succeed.

    What we so easily reject is the notion that these two minds exist not as brains but within the walls of our very language and that this form of intelligence is not so much a choice but an anchor for all of us, within the bottleneck to true intelligence.

    My Neo-music

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