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sonicport+techfolder Sat, Oct 8, 2011

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
OHHHH IM GONNA xxx, Oh no, all over your face.
... You: do you have a furry beast in yer pants ? ;)You: Don’t need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enoughYou: Do you like the film Forest Gump?You: Thesis: LADY GAGA is this generation's Marilyn Manson. DiscussYou: Why do women always want to be seen as victims of EVERYTHING?You: You: Stranger: Vas happenin?!You: You: You: You: You: You: You: You: hiYou: I need to share thisYou:  Good luck and peace be with youYour conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: Vas Happenin?You: I am trying something out for the first timeYou: Vas Happenin?Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: WhatYour conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: hahaStranger: that'sStranger: stupid.You: I'm trying out my structureStranger: structure?You: Is there anything you would like to share with me or transform?Stranger: transform?Stranger: HAHAStranger: likeStranger: robots and carsStranger: andStranger: megan fox.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: because we areStranger: i don't give a fuck about your conversationsStranger: toStranger: beYou: Is there anything you would like to share with me or transform?Stranger: quiteStranger: honestStranger: yepYour conversational partner has disconnected.You: Compexity is scary isn't itYou: Complexity is the first to defendYou: It is also the first to attackYour conversational partner has disconnected.You: Do you like architecture?Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: da fuckYour conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: if you're reading this you're a faggot
You: What if you are writing it?
Stranger: you're an anti-faggot
You: Do you have anything you would like to share or transform with me?
Stranger: lets do acid
Stranger: transform into butterflies
Stranger: combine
Stranger: share our minds
Stranger: and take over the world
Stranger: rinse repeat
You: Check out the link, I think we can help you
Stranger: i'd rather not get a virus
You: up to you my friend
Stranger: can you save me
You: It is not me
You: I have been studying the nature of the Indonisian Mimic octopus
You: I like to take a look around
Stranger: 16/9
You: Is this meaningful language?
Stranger: it can be
Stranger: do you want it to be
You: sometimes
Stranger: always
You: somewhere between the holes in the ratio
You: I am unsure what I am looking for
Stranger: what do you find?
Stranger: black hole
You: something I can call freedom
Stranger: do you get engulfed
Stranger: by everything
Stranger: if youre everything youre free
Stranger: youre not restricted by one thing
You: nothing is everything
Stranger: or another
Stranger: whats happening
You: yes another infinity
You: How can we visualise the unseen?
Stranger: i want to see everything
You: Good luck my friend, read lots, and read lots more.
You: We are receivers
Stranger: if everything is nothing
You: We humans need a little compassion and empathy to exist
Stranger: then do i need nothing to see everything?
You: That is a good question.
You: I choose to live inbetween A and B
You: call it n
Stranger: i dont know where i live
You: You are travelling my friend.
Stranger: every second
Stranger: when im not moving
You: What do you see?
Stranger: too much
You: What do you hear?
Stranger: vibrations
Stranger: beats
Stranger: drops
Stranger: people
Stranger: too much
You: I have some therapy for you
Stranger: thank you
You: you are very welcome
Stranger: i have to go
You: Nice to share and transform with you =)
You: Bye
Stranger: likewise
Stranger: bye stranger
Your conversational partner has disconnected.See more
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