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    The Indonesian Mimic Octopus
    ‎—- English —- The Indonesian Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. This fascinating creature was discovered in 1998 off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia, ...
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    ‎"I'd encountered the idea that we were all cyborgs once or twice before, but usually in writings on gender or in postmodernist (or post postmodernist) studies of text. What struck me in July 1997 was that this kind of story was the literal and scientific truth."

    - Andy Clark

    pay by wizard

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    sonicport+techfolder     Sat, Oct 8, 2011  Permanent link

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Question to discuss:
    OHHHH IM GONNA xxx, Oh no, all over your face.
    ... You: do you have a furry beast in yer pants ? ;)You: Don’t need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enoughYou: Do you like the film Forest Gump?You: Thesis: LADY GAGA is this generation's Marilyn Manson. DiscussYou: Why do women always want to be seen as victims of EVERYTHING?You: You: Stranger: Vas happenin?!You: You: You: You: You: You: You: You: hiYou: I need to share thisYou:  Good luck and peace be with youYour conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: Vas Happenin?You: I am trying something out for the first timeYou: Vas Happenin?Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: WhatYour conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: hahaStranger: that'sStranger: stupid.You: I'm trying out my structureStranger: structure?You: Is there anything you would like to share with me or transform?Stranger: transform?Stranger: HAHAStranger: likeStranger: robots and carsStranger: andStranger: megan fox.Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: because we areStranger: i don't give a fuck about your conversationsStranger: toStranger: beYou: Is there anything you would like to share with me or transform?Stranger: quiteStranger: honestStranger: yepYour conversational partner has disconnected.You: Compexity is scary isn't itYou: Complexity is the first to defendYou: It is also the first to attackYour conversational partner has disconnected.You: Do you like architecture?Your conversational partner has disconnected.Stranger: da fuckYour conversational partner has disconnected.
    Stranger: if you're reading this you're a faggot
    You: What if you are writing it?
    Stranger: you're an anti-faggot
    You: Do you have anything you would like to share or transform with me?
    Stranger: lets do acid
    Stranger: transform into butterflies
    Stranger: combine
    Stranger: share our minds
    Stranger: and take over the world
    Stranger: rinse repeat
    You: Check out the link, I think we can help you
    Stranger: i'd rather not get a virus
    You: up to you my friend
    Stranger: can you save me
    You: It is not me
    You: I have been studying the nature of the Indonisian Mimic octopus
    You: I like to take a look around
    Stranger: 16/9
    You: Is this meaningful language?
    Stranger: it can be
    Stranger: do you want it to be
    You: sometimes
    Stranger: always
    You: somewhere between the holes in the ratio
    You: I am unsure what I am looking for
    Stranger: what do you find?
    Stranger: black hole
    You: something I can call freedom
    Stranger: do you get engulfed
    Stranger: by everything
    Stranger: if youre everything youre free
    Stranger: youre not restricted by one thing
    You: nothing is everything
    Stranger: or another
    Stranger: whats happening
    You: yes another infinity
    You: How can we visualise the unseen?
    Stranger: i want to see everything
    You: Good luck my friend, read lots, and read lots more.
    You: We are receivers
    Stranger: if everything is nothing
    You: We humans need a little compassion and empathy to exist
    Stranger: then do i need nothing to see everything?
    You: That is a good question.
    You: I choose to live inbetween A and B
    You: call it n
    Stranger: i dont know where i live
    You: You are travelling my friend.
    Stranger: every second
    Stranger: when im not moving
    You: What do you see?
    Stranger: too much
    You: What do you hear?
    Stranger: vibrations
    Stranger: beats
    Stranger: drops
    Stranger: people
    Stranger: too much
    You: I have some therapy for you
    Stranger: thank you
    You: you are very welcome
    Stranger: i have to go
    You: Nice to share and transform with you =)
    You: Bye
    Stranger: likewise
    Stranger: bye stranger
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.See more
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