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    Occupy the Future: Can we stop saying occupy now?
    Occupy the Future

    I found the facebook page through a friend.!/occupythefuture?sk=wall
    The page was fresh up, and it was defined as a "community". I tried my hardest to take part in the "community". But all my comments were auto-deleted. This is simply a feature on facebook front end pages. It made me laugh to think I was trying to communicate with it. Doh!

    I'd like to thank spacecollective members for being a supportive real-time community.

    The occupythefuture website may be a good synapse for the present. We may need to share with them something of the problems of future-visualisation and we may be able to contribute progressively with them through our discoveries. I don't quite understand how they work yet.

    Their resource page is pretty good!

    My worry is we are primates, and we take on too much too soon by nature.

    Complexity is always first to defend. It is also first to attack. Nature understands this and sends individuals out of the swarm to check around a bit.

    Architecture is timeless, the architect did not think so much about themself when they designed the structure and placed it in an environment. The architect had to think of all the people who may visit this timeless object and decide what language they may be speaking.

    Whoever stated their point this week I agree. This is a very mighty movement indeed!

    After poking about a bit I have come to decide this is in no way time for coded language, except for drama and entertainment. We need to be honest and brave and reach out for peace and unity, with the most complex and fascinating architecture we can possibly achieve.

    Tue, Oct 11, 2011  Permanent link

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    CoCreatr     Mon, Oct 17, 2011  Permanent link
    Thanks for triggering some thinking.

    Future: unoccupyable. Can't take too much of it. Let's just embrace the future.
    And time itself may become a thing of the past. ;-)

    Occupy the body... hey, it's what we do.
    BenRayfield     Thu, Oct 20, 2011  Permanent link
    I would love for everyone to stop occupying the organizations of others. Lets start with corporations stopping the occupying of governments which are mostly under their control, since that is the biggest and most dangerous occupying being done.
    CoCreatr     Fri, Oct 21, 2011  Permanent link
    Yes. We voted for CHANGE, not to live on change $ (photo from Zuccotti Park).

    And It is only a question of time until someone comes up with a

    #moccupy meme.

    Oops, did just that. :-)