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    Organized Konstrusion
    DJ Krust Presents Future Minds Music Workshop  via #constantcontact

    A new understanding of what it means to be an artist in an ever-changing landscape

    Are you an artist, musician, writer, DJ or creative?

    Join DJ and music producer Krust to learn the tools to help you get ahead, skills to help you stand out from the crowd and the best methods to promote your message and get it out to the world.

    Creative tools; ideas and exercises to help you to create more .
    Finding your voice and following your artistic vision.
    The role of imagination
    Mind mapping
    Creating a new operating system
    Perform better in the studio
    Make products that sell
    Write better songs that connect with your audience
    Create success on autopilot
    Understand why your not achieving the level of success you desire
    Create an irresistible brand
    Find out why your feeling blocked
    Are you afraid to give up your day job?

    Workshop ends at 7pm with a full DJ set from DJ Krust to follow, 9pm - 1am, free entry. Priority seating for those attending the workshop.


    fridge exploration, fragment does not qualify the quality of emotion behind future imaginings

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