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    Project: Epiphanies
    shoutout to the webengineer, please can we fix that bug, the reversed synaptic pruning ecoping is reaching nobody


    When I got my first mountain bike my friend challenged me to cycle over the horizon, where the ground dipped suddenly near Greenwich Park into a roller-coaster ride of adventure . I have named this my coil moment.

    I went to the dips recently and picked up a stone off the ground as a memento.

    On my wander home I met a man shouting at the moon with long hair carrying an antique valet stand with a little tray for cufflinks. I told him to slow his car down..

    "ehhh boldar garedder hammerahehi" he said to me pointing at his ass. I said, 'slow your car down man' We ended up having a chat at the bus stop for a while. He mentioned WWIII and how there was going to be another thing.

    "I'm a rolling stone man!! You know what that means?"

    "yeah man I think I know what that means". I had the stone from Greenwich in my left pocket. I took it out and put it into his hand.

    "not that kind of stone, man that is too cold!" It was the kind of stone that Granny would suck instead of actual eggs.

    "okay man, I think I know.."

    "this stone creates FIRE!" I imagined a kind of flint rolling down a very long hill, sparks flying.. "not that kind of stone, THAT kind of stone.." He continued

    "yeah I think I know man. Thanks."

    "Remember me.. My name is Seixo rodado de la chispa. Write it down man. I love you man! !"

    2143 Obsidian used by aztec rulers to predict the future. Tezcatipoca and Cort├ęs.
    4231 Church Ship 1590AD The model hung in the kirk (church) at south Leith the port for Edinburgh in thanksgiving to God for their safe return.

    TO PINK.

    Here are some pictures of the stone:

    |Salmon + Doughnutshttp://deadlinkprovidedby.pruneangel

    Fridge exploration is optional, cluttered artifacts

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    If you want to control the future, create a press-release?