Comment on « We/I » instead of « I/We »

Wildcat Thu, Dec 30, 2010
Hello Spookfish and thanks for an interesting post and questions.
Some notes however:

Spookfish: “I the organism equipped with mind, brain and self have a few questions!”

W: the very manner of presenting this propositional statement is problematic, yes there is ‘ organism equipped with mind, brain and.. self’ but to posit that the organism is an ‘I’ is already an assumption that has no basis whatsoever (I understand if you mean to use ‘I’ the organism as a short-speech with no implication for a strategic approximation of a possible state of affairs of an organization of an organism). Alternatively I can understand if you use this phrase to indicate a tactical move for the next part of your questions, however if the language used (for strategic or tactical purposes or both) already implies an unassailable reality (inherent), there is no possible way to answer your questions in a coherent fashion.
Moreover if the proposition ‘ I the organism’ is equipped with a ‘self’ what are the conditions under which said organism can be defined outside the equipment of ‘mind brain and self’? (regression ad infinitum)
Since this appears to be a circular belief or truth proposition again answering your questions (though good and interesting) is impossible (coherently that is).
Sorry for picking on this but I think your musings are highly pertinent and therefore would love to comment more widely but in the present case the very statement that starts your musings destroys the very possibility of coherency.