Comment on « We/I » instead of « I/We »

Apollo Sun, Jan 16, 2011
I think there's certainly something to be said about the joy of contemplating concepts and ideas despite the fact that those musings are destined to remain incoherent, given — as Wildcat pointed out — that they are often framed within the context of unanswered / potentially unanswerable premises.

In my experience, such a process of thought can only be joyous if one does not attach expectations to it. In other words, "performative" thought (as you eloquently put it) can best be seen as an end in itself, rather than as a means of arriving at concrete conclusions.

Obscure premises seem destined to result in obscure conclusions. They can, however, open the door to a process of thought which can in itself be rewarding.

Along with this, I don't believe that "naming stuff" is a viable means of overcoming fear and paranoia, unless the process of "naming" (the performance of striving after objective conclusions based on unsure premises) is taken with a degree of humour, an element of lightness which allows for the beauty and playfulness of unrestricted thought and exploration.

Interesting post; very thought-provoking :)