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    It's interesting to think of all the ways in which we are able to modify our bodies in the age we live. If we take a very common example, there have always been many people who suffer from poor eyesight. Hundreds of years ago, there wasn't much you could do except squint and hope for the best. Over time people created magnifying glasses which could be carried around and used when needed, then spectacles which could be worn by the individual, then contact lenses which are invisible to others and eventually, fully bionic eyes which aid the blind.

    There are two questions that arise when thinking about the topic of intermixing technology with biology. The first is "what does it mean to be bionic"? Is it having mechanical appendages or implanted devices or dental fillings, or is it also constituted by genetic modification of our pure biological makeup such as the use of gene therapies, steroids and cloning?

    The second question then becomes "what does it mean to be human"? Is the answer simply that we lack any non-biological interference, or does it go deeper than that into an understanding of and appreciation for music, art, language, expression and emotion, the things that many people argue are what truly set us apart from other animals.

    Bionic Eyes - There's an interesting explanation here of how a bionic eye transmits light perception directly to the wearer's brain, which then inteprets the areas of black and white as a specific image.

    Bionic Arms- This article describes how a woman who lost her arm in an accident and has been outfitted with a bionic arm is able to naturally move it and has regained a sense of feeling in the arm.

    Gattaca- Yay Hollywood, no shortage of dystopian films. Gattaca is interesting because it focuses more on the human relationships between genetically natural and modified people. It encompasses the idea of prejudice in a way we rarely think of - one not based on appearance or culture, but just as prevalent and poignant.

    Humans - Ironically, the humans depicted in the image associated with Wiki's definition of "human" is none other than the original Pioneer 10 plaque (the predecessor to Voyager's golden disc). Although, in their defense, they do mention that it's not only biological characteristics which make us human, but mental and emotional ones as well.
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