Wed, Jan 16, 2008
Yeah, uhh... So, unwanted memories. Sure, they suck when you don't want to have them. But what about memories that other people don't want you to have?

Oh, and especially related is previous attempts:

I don't think that this sounds too happy to me.

And what everyone says about bad memories shaping the person... Completely true, and it can be better or it can be worse. Let me put it this way: All the people I have known who have faced shitty days after days due to bad memories (Depression, and especially PTSD) have either learned to grow around it all and learn from their mistakes/bad experiences while coming to accept themselves and/or the world for making/experiencing them or are stuck on antidepressants/etc which only tend to numb the internal strife as a solution based in completely materialistic and hopefully futuristically anarchronistic "if I consume things they will make me happy" ideals. There is already effective treatment methods out there for people with bad memories, though however, are illegal. Take a look at these links:  <<And this is the crown jewel for those who are into heavier reading on this subject

As mentioned in the article, with post-traumatic stress disorder, simply making them forget sounds completely fucking unrealistic to me. What about everyone else who remembers, for example? Also, since this basically sounds like it amounts to brain damage, what's the deal here with people getting psyched over this when the whole basis of banning psychedelic usage (And therefore therapy) rests on "brain damage" when this sounds a million times worse? What's being somewhat and temporarily e-tarded compared to this straight up memory loss shit? If propranolol begins to be regulated for usage of memory altercation and MDMA remains on the shelf, I urge you all to really deeply think about the reasons why.