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BenRayfield Sun, Oct 30, 2011
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This time the protests are attempting to change the game itself.

For the elite "1%", this is not an option.

I agree they would do almost anything within their power to stop us from changing the game. That's not a problem, because they can't stop a change that they can't define or understand or refer to in their communications, because its too abstract to fit in their minds. They don't have the power to stop this game changer. My plans are just one way to do it, examples of an overall change in the way the Human species organizes itself. I can't stop it, and neither can the corporations. But since I understand it some, I can influence it toward a better future for everyone. Here's how...

I won't be protesting on the streets either, as long as we still have the ability to communicate, including the communication of open source software with other software through the internet. My plans to change the world depend on communication.

I wrote about how pointless this whole global system of fighting eachother is, on the side of the protesters and the corporations. They're both keeping eachother in business.

In that kurzweilai thread, I described the part of my bigger plans that connects it into the way global power flows, and this part is more relevant:

This can be a peaceful revolution. Since confidence is the only real kind of political power or money, and attacking a politician implies you think he is powerful enough that getting rid of him would change something, then attacking a politician creates more confidence in the system he represents and gives that system more power. That is exactly why some of the Wall Street Protesters said that getting arrested or the authorities abusing them helps the movement, because it implies the global powers have confidence in the Wall Street Protesters' ability to succeed. Only extremists believe in peace.

...but overall its one idea in many contexts. Here's the main idea:
The plan is to network our minds together at the conscious and subconscious and metaphysical levels through interactive psychology of feedback loops between many user-interfaces in a global scale-free peer-to-peer network, like mouse movements (2 dimensions), evolving Java code that reads from microphone and writes to speakers (wave amplitude per channel is position, 44100 per second), mind reading game controllers like Emotiv Epoc or OpenEEG, OpenOSC musical instrument protocol, Nintendo Wii controllers (6 dimensions each), Wikipedia-like systems mapping out our ideas (each as a dimension), or anything that can be represented as streaming vectors. Using any or all these devices at once in the global network, we get past the details of specific devices and identity and view everyone as one space of many dimensions, a continuous connected streaming readable and writable view of everyones' statistical patterns of thinking, amplifying eachothers' intelligence and creativity and emotions
* Is a big mess of things I created while trying to figure out the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but now I consider version 0.6.3 to be possibilities of implementation details instead of important to the core algorithm, which is to maximize quineness of its internal mental state including all inputs and outputs, like Nash Equilibrium in Game Theory or fractals or the universe are all examples of quines.
* After networking many peoples' minds together, and after we all learn how eachother think at least statistically a little, people will start to see the extreme inefficiency of violence and hate, and wars and governments and money will become obsolete. People just don't understand how the world works, so they fight about how to fix things they don't understand. Through this system, or build your own mind-combining system if you don't like it, we will learn to work together on a global scale, which has to start by understanding how eachother think subconsciously.

Lets bring back the hippie movement and defeat the corporations with peace, love, and music, this time amplified by artificial intelligence to network our minds together. That's why we'll win this time. Life is a positive-sum-game. Everyone can win.

You said
It is about becoming the change you want to see.

Exactly. Every time I talk to people, even if they think I'm crazy, I imprint a better way of thinking into their minds, the same as watching propaganda on the news will get many to hate terrorists and advocate war and corporations. I don't hate terrorists, because people are all fighting about how to fix problems they don't understand. Instead, I help them understand the problems.