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superconcepts Sun, Nov 20, 2011
How do you come to the conclusion that these basic needs are a "right"?

"Rights" are decided by people and declared in treaties and constitutions, but they are not based on nature or reality. It is an abitrary concept. If we decide it should be people's rights, then we can make it happen. But it's not something that comes automatically. We will say "everyone should have the right to clean water" but it is just an opinion, never is it actually an obligation, because who is actually obliged to fulfil this? And wouldn't this then infringe on their "rights" not to be forced into something?

No, we have to get away from this whole concept of believing we are owed something. By implying rights, we are forcing obligation from another party, therefore denying their rights.

Now you should have realised that I am playing devils advocate with an underlying concept here. Of course I believe that everyone should have the basic essentials. But they should be provided voluntarily by society. And they can be.