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i am an eXperiment. a Syncopated word & image coLLage imported from Our minD sEnse-thoUght collective stream. a trial 2 eXpress the aRhythmia & the off beat that lies in-betwEEn the bond made of: imAge narrative & senSation. an aEsthetic act and aim of WondeR in the search for a CRaCK. as for if anything eXists at all it exisTs i n - b e T w e e n.
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    Re-Member and Me-Moria

    Well, the human impulse to remember is the fact that biologically we forget. Because we biologically forget most of what we experience, we try to hold on to, cling on to the experiences, the memories, the opinions, the values, the facts that we treasure and therefore want to remember. But the important element of that is that for all of human history, remembering has been hard and costly, and thus required active work and energy to be put into it, while forgetting was easy.
    Today with the digital tools, it’s the other way around. Digital remembering is the default these days, and forgetting has become much, much harder.

    Viktor Mayer Schonberger (author of ‘Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age’.)
    image+video: from Krzysztof Kieślowski's "Blue" /Juliette Binoche

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