Comment on a Bohr quote

gamma Thu, Jul 4, 2013
Physicists have just uncovered experimentally some details of Van der Waals force. Its the force between atoms, any atoms, neutral or charged... Obviously, there is some force there to account for solidity, crystalline structure, fluidity, elasticity, non-compressibility of gases... everything really that has to do with matter. They say that it drops with distance with the factor of 1/r^6, "as expected". I finished physics, and I never heard about the factor or any equation for the force. So, the force was neither measured nor theorized properly ever, even though materials science represents the most powerful branch of physics.

But, its probably something electromagnetic. Notice how different it is to common electrostatic attraction or repulsion. You cannot move atoms in a solid too close or too far apart. Its just that we cannot imagine how the dynamic bits of atoms interact mutually given their complexity. The end result is macrostructuring of matter and the bridge crossed is that of complexity.

Atoms are same everywhere in the universe. They are the language and in the language lies the truth. We only need to examine the language and we will know how the statement stands relative to the atoms and their truth.