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i am an eXperiment. a Syncopated word & image coLLage imported from Our minD sEnse-thoUght collective stream. a trial 2 eXpress the aRhythmia & the off beat that lies in-betwEEn the bond made of: imAge narrative & senSation. an aEsthetic act and aim of WondeR in the search for a CRaCK. as for if anything eXists at all it exisTs i n - b e T w e e n.
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    Volta do Mundo

    Now I disappear and die ;
    in a moment I shall be nothing,
    for the soul is mortal as the body;
    but the complex of causes in which I am involved will return, and it will continually reproduce me.

    maxim : Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, 1885.
    image & video : Syncopath, Volta do Mundo, 2013.

    a remark -
    volta do mundo is an expression borrowed from Capoeira. literally: return to the world OR the return of the world. When a sequence in the play reaches its completion, or if there appears any sudden disruption to the game, one player starts to walk at the perimeter of the cycle (the Roda) inviting the other to join him walking around up to a point where the play is renewed.

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    gamma     Tue, Nov 5, 2013  Permanent link
    This is a primer on artistic video/post! The drying machines might contain viruses in the future that will reproduce. They will clear the cloth and move to the room hanging around the corners of the room. Just blabbin'
    I have a flu and feel like ****!