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i am an eXperiment. a Syncopated word & image coLLage imported from Our minD sEnse-thoUght collective stream. a trial 2 eXpress the aRhythmia & the off beat that lies in-betwEEn the bond made of: imAge narrative & senSation. an aEsthetic act and aim of WondeR in the search for a CRaCK. as for if anything eXists at all it exisTs i n - b e T w e e n.
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    inTensity of eXistence

    At ordinary times the eye concerns itself with such problems as Where? - How far? - How situated in relation to what ? .....
    In the mescalin experience the implied questions to which the eye responds are of another order. Place and distance cease to be of much interest. The mind does its perceiving in terms of
    intensity of
    profundity of
    relationships within a pattern.

    Not, of course, that the category of space had been abolished.
    When i got up and walked about, i could do so quite normally, without misjudging the
    whereabouts of objects. Space was still there; but it had lost its predominance.
    The mind was primarily concerned,
    not with measures and locations,
    but with

    text :
    Aldous Huxley, Doors of Perception (p.20), 1954.
    images : Heinz Mack, Das klavierkonzert, 1962.
    photographs by Syncopath, at the Neue Nationalgalerie Exhb: "Divided Heaven", Berlin, 2013.
    Heinz Mack is a German artist. Together with Otto Piene he founded the ZERO movement in 1957.

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    gamma     Wed, Apr 15, 2015  Permanent link
    I never read any obligatory literature, books of monumental value.

    Since I was a slow reader of such material, I had to keep smiling when I was at school and do research instead.

    Nowadays I understand that Aldous can be used in the pill form.

    And this single passage that I read today made me disagree. :-)

    I believe that the mescaline erases the tunings in the brain that create a unified, synchronized view on the world.

    The tunings are well-known to us.

    For example, when I began to play in an orchestra, I could not follow other musicians visually. The eyes do not report the exact timing of a stroke (beat) that would match what the ears are hearing. The eyes and ears and other body movements are mismatched in time, but they learn this lesson quietly and quickly.

    Long story!

    But, the mescaline causes the continuous re-adaptation to the distance, size, thickness of edges, contrast, depth, degree of details... other interpretations...

    This probably stems from the modification of the visual sense of motion. Things seem to keep moving, so there is adaptation.

    I suspect from this story that there must be a lot of stability nonetheless in the perception - basins of attraction, fixed points, untouched mathematical design of the homunculus. Otherwise, based on the lectures that I attended, the psychedelics reduce the activity of the brain.

    Psilocybin probably makes some areas sleepy, or maybe anesthetizes some functions.