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i am an eXperiment. a Syncopated word & image coLLage imported from Our minD sEnse-thoUght collective stream. a trial 2 eXpress the aRhythmia & the off beat that lies in-betwEEn the bond made of: imAge narrative & senSation. an aEsthetic act and aim of WondeR in the search for a CRaCK. as for if anything eXists at all it exisTs i n - b e T w e e n.
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    The WorLd WithiN

    When you observe the world, you see people, you see houses, you see the sky,
    you see tangible objects.
    But when you observe yourself within, you
    moving images,
    a world of images generally known as fantasies. Yet these fantasies are facts.

    You see, it is a fact that a man has such and such fantasy.
    and it is such a tangible fact, that when a man has a certain fantasy
    another man may lose his life. Or a bridge is built.
    These houses were all fantasies.
    all these houses we sit in... everything was a fantasy to begin with.

    And fantasy has a proper reality…that is not to be forgotten. Fantasy is not nothing.
    It is of course not a tangible object, but it is a fact nevertheless. It is a form of energy,
    despite the fact we can’t measure it. It is a manifestation of something, and that is a reality.

    text : Carl Gustav Jung, from interview with Dr. Richard Evans, 1957
    images : Daniel Gordon is an American artist that lives and work in Brooklyn.

    * video : The World Within, C.G. Jung in His Own Words, 1990
    a 1hr documentary film which shows some edited parts of this 1957 interview

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    nedzen     Thu, Oct 29, 2020  Permanent link
    It's a continuum of fantasy which we compulsively materialise into a life of mirage