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    Telephony, Telepathy & The Global Mala (Part I)
    Project: The Voyager update project

    A couple months ago, there was an event at the Staples Center and at other locations worldwide called the Global Mala Project. The largest, most inter-planetary yoga event in Earth's history, it promoted itself saying that "yoga centers and like minded organizations will experience the power of collective consciousness by creating a Peace Wave around the world."

    There seems to be in the language constructs being used around the Global Mala an indication that the collective consciousness gathered at these events is indeed like a bicycle wheel - more than the sum of its parts. The intent of the gathering is to create a "peace wave" that somehow creates ripples in the fabric of the universe - a communicated message, perhaps, if you will entertain my analysis. This message of peace is sent as a signal from these centers of concentrated spiritual energy, much as telecommunications satellites beam messages around the globe using electromagnetic energy.

    Tom Brown, in his non-fictional book The Search, describes the vision quest in Maine that led him on the path to find his mentor, Stalking Wolf, in his dying days in the New Mexico desert. He writes of tracking a man in his dream:

    "I found myself in an unfamiliar land that was different from anything I had ever experienced. It was not different in texture, but in spirit. It was a desert place, and out among the rocks was the old man I had been following. He was making his way through the rocks toward a distant mountain. There was no sound whatsoever, and the beating of my heart pounding from the chase sounded like a tom-tom in a closed room. It was as if the old man heard my heart, for at that instant he turned to face me, his pursuer, and I saw that the man I had been tracking was my old friend and teacher, Stalking Wolf. His eyes were the same intense, accepting eyes I had always known but they radiated a new image of a sad peace which beckoned to me, almost pleaded with me to come... come... come."

    So Tom Brown goes to find his mentor in New Mexico, and the dream is proven a sound communication and is fulfilled. He asks a woman in Stalking Wolf's community for help in finding him, to which she responds: "He said you would need no help." After days on the trail he is led to a pouch that Stalking Wolf has left in the desert for him.

    Our generation may be the first to regain these ancient skills, whether that be through natural or cybernetic means.

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