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    Fri, Jan 19, 2007  Permanent link

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    Here is the only question worth the consideration of an intelligent person. Does Higher Intelligence exist? Everyone must say a basic “yes” or “no” to this decisive probe. If your answer is negative, either explicitly or by passive, uncaring default, then nothing makes a difference except petty satisfaction of robot comforts during this brief, pointless existence. If your answer is affirmative then the most exciting, adventurous, and hopeful vista emerges. Certainly no other reward or prospect can compare.

    Humanity now hungers for reassurance that the ancient aspirations were not in vain and for the reminder that there is a glorious purpose to existence on this planet. What sounds like the most far out and impractical fantasy becomes, upon reflection, the only sensible proposal.

    Let us examine the logical possibilities.

    • Advanced civilizations exist on planets within our galaxy and can be contacted by means of electro-magnetic messagery and time-ship exploration. This similarity of our present situation to the pre-Columbian visions of other continents is haunting.

    • Higher Intelligence exists on this planet within the mysteries of the DNA code decipherable by means of the nervous system.

    • No higher intelligence exists beyond the gradual accumulation of scientific knowledge. There is no advanced life in other solar systems and no new different levels of awareness to be discovered without the nervous system.

    No matter which of these hypotheses one aesthetically prefers, the fact still remains that the best investment for the human race, the most exicting, inoffensive way to pass our time is to assume, pretend, gamble that there is a Higher Intelligence and to organize an all-out-search. From the history of science we learn that the only way any new energy is discovered is to look for it and, indeed, we tend to find whatever we look for. To paraphrase Voltaire, if the Higher Intelligence does not exist it is time to invent it.

    When five thousand persons from every country assemble to live and work together in the dedicated search for H.I. the results, even if negative, cannot fail to be amusing and instructive to the race.

    The neutral facts are that we do not know what awaits us as we approach the center of the galaxy. It is almost certain that we shall contact Higher Intelligence. But the reaction is unpredictable.

    The Higher Intelligence may be a Stalin-Hitler-Nixon computer mentality that will either enslave or eliminate us. The Higher Intelligence may be necessarily we antiseptic and, as a public health measure, spray us away as a dangerous infection. The Higher Intelligence may be totally indifferent to us. We may slide ant-like right through its radiant belts unknowing; perhaps even unobserved infinitesimal. The Higher Intelligence may have seeded us, planned for our return and may receive us with amuse, delighted parental tolerance. And what did you learn in school today, little ones?

    The Higher Intelligence may need us to fit into some small but vital part of its immense unified design. We may be the long-awaited proof of some experiment in the survival of love on dark barren outcast planets.

    The Higher Intelligence may be the fulfillment and radiant embodiment of our most secret yearnings.
    Fri, Jan 19, 2007  Permanent link
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